A show dedicated to music in the margins - lost, obscure albums and tracks from the past plus exclusives of forthcoming music by a plethora of underground artists.

Next show: 08/08/2020


Travel with me into the realms of noise and sound. Create your own, unique journey in your mind each and every time. Natural, electric, organic psychedelic.

Next show: 15/07/2020


Loula Yorke takes you on a journey once a month to dance in the spaces between and beyond.

Next show: 16/07/2020


Chinabot is a platform and collective created to change the dialogue surrounding Asian music. We are positioned at the junction point between the influence of Asian music on contemporary/traditional sounds, music outside the mainstream and the development of experimentation.

Next show: 08/08/2020

Archived audio: 07/10/2017 | 04/11/2017 | 05/11/2017 | 02/12/2017 | 30/12/2017 | 27/01/2018 | 25/02/2018 | 25/03/2018 | 21/04/2018 | 16/06/2018 | 14/07/2018 | 11/08/2018 | 03/11/2018 | 08/12/2018 | 29/12/2018 | 23/02/2019 | 23/03/2019 | 18/05/2019 | 15/06/2019


Disturbed tunes, hypnotic and ritualistic rhytms, sick soundscapes, and a whole entire world of weirdos there-in-between selected for the darkest side of synapses and brain.

Next show: 28/07/2020

Archived audio: 24/10/2017 | 21/11/2017 | 16/01/2018 | 13/02/2018 | 13/03/2018 | 10/04/2018 | 08/05/2018 | 05/06/2018 | 12/07/2018 | 20/11/2018 | 26/12/2018 | 16/01/2019 | 12/02/2019 | 09/05/2019 | 08/06/2019 | 27/08/2019 | 03/11/2019 | 28/11/2019 | 30/01/2020 | 10/03/2020


Dick's monthly selection of collective works featuring a vibrant mix of the best indie, synth pop , post punk and beyond, topped up with guest mixes and in depth interviews with breaking artists

Next show: 27/07/2020

Archived audio: 29/06/2020


Homespun mix of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future.

Next show: 08/08/2020


A journey through drone, ambient and hypnotic folk music combined with field recordings from Newcastle-based Scot Dextro (aka Ewan Mackenzie). Music for contemplating wider ecological systems and the diversity in all things.

Archived audio: 26/06/2020


Sonic explorations by Graham Dowdall, aka Gagarin. This features lots of stuff close to me including some material from forthcoming Phenomenology EP and some recent remixes and other material close to my heart.

Next show: 08/08/2020

Archived audio: 02/12/2017 | 08/09/2018


Beijing duo 工工工 (Gong Gong Gong) share tracks from China past and present, worldwide inspirations, and new collaborations.

Next show: 31/07/2020

Archived audio: 03/07/2020


A 60 minute soundscape of deep listening ambient, lo-fi drone and haunted electronica. All tracks selected, edited and mixed by Grey Frequency.

Next show: 18/07/2020


Lorena Quintanilla (J. Zunz / Lorelle Meets the Obsolete) presenting music she digs mainly from the contemporary underground scene in México. Selection with extra focus on womxn.

Next show: 06/08/2020

Archived audio: 09/07/2020


The first sounds out of CAMP HQ come in the form of a very special guest mix, provided by Mike Harding of Touch.

Archived audio: 30/09/2017


Like visiting your friend and playing tunes that are bound to make an impression to one another all night - but packed into a single hour of exciting discovery

Next show: 01/08/2020

Archived audio: 04/07/2020


The monthly radio show presented by founder/organizer Marlo De Lara, features new sounds from experimental/fringe/noise/sound artists/musicians who are women and other marginalized communities as well as celebrating past contributors of the LIN compilations. www.corpuscallosumdistro.com

Archived audio: 23/11/2017 | 21/12/2017 | 18/02/2018 | 11/05/2018 | 05/07/2018 | 02/10/2018 | 25/10/2018 | 22/11/2018 | 25/12/2018 | 17/01/2019 | 14/02/2019 | 25/04/2019 | 09/05/2019 | 07/06/2019


In the human genome small star, short interfering RNA mediated gene silencing in mammalian cells requires Dicer

Archived audio: 03/10/2017

A small collective of idiots who sell records online from a light industrial paradise in Holbeck, Leeds. The show veers between the disparate tastes of its disagreeable employees who protest too much that they don't really like music anymore; secretly they love it and will argue with you about Can.

Next show: 18/07/2020


The Leaf Library present a monthly mix of experimental music, kosmiche, minimalism, ambient and drone (plus all the other weird stuff in between).

Next show: 31/07/2020


A third world. An imaginary atlas of sound, color, and history. Composer and writer Ross Devlin explores links between experimental and avant garde music in different times and places. Modern works will be compared to their predecessors, international influence will be discussed, obscure and new music pieces played in their entirety with witty commentary.

Next show: 24/07/2020

Archived audio: 20/10/2017 | 17/11/2017 | 15/12/2017 | 13/01/2018 | 06/04/2018 | 11/04/2018 | 04/05/2018 | 05/06/2018 | 29/06/2018


A themed musical journey. Over two hours, each episode will take you on an in-depth spelunk through an obscure genre, fancifully imagine connections between disparate musical styles, or ride the connected paths through an artist and their side-projects and collaborations.


An eclectic mix of music from around the world. Anything goes. Featuring occasional mixes from Rail Cables contributors and friends!

Next show: 28/07/2020


"Sam Lou Uncased" is a new conversational podcast series featuring songwriters who beat to their own drum, hosted by Sam Lou Talbot. Listen to Episodes 1-5, with new episodes scheduled for summer 2020. In between you can listen to improv, demos, and works in progress. If you'd like to work with Sam Lou Talbot in any capacity, email her on samlou@pm.me Instagram: samloutalbotmusic

Next show: 19/07/2020

Archived audio: 01/03/2020 | 08/03/2020 | 15/03/2020 | 22/03/2020 | 29/03/2020


You've heard of a gaggle of geese. You've heard of a charm of starlings. Well, "Snog, Marry, The Void" is a parliament of depressed, gobby pricks. Together they will bring you something old, something new, something half-inched and turn the air blue. Two hours of silver-tongued patter accompanied by some weird sounds. Once a month. Just like your dad.

Next show: 18/07/2020


Join sonic mystics Prana Crafter and Zinaru for a monthly musical exchange between friends residing on different continents but the same plane of consciousness. Sonic mysticism will provide you with a potent blend of psychedelic rock, jazz, electronic, acid folk, and those delectable sounds that defy genre, punctuated by musings from modern mystics and free thinkers.

Next show: 24/07/2020


A sedated sojourn through worldly, mystical sounds past and present. Curated and produced by Mat Eric Hart.

Next show: 01/08/2020

Archived audio: 04/07/2020


Greta Thunberg tells us our world is breaking. Ecosystems are collapsing, our house is burning. According to Terry Tempest Williams, we can fix it like a mosaic, sticking it back together piece by piece. So here is a soundtrack for the recovery process.

Next show: 25/07/2020

Archived audio: 04/04/2020 | 02/05/2020 | 30/05/2020 | 27/06/2020


A thematic podcast exploring modern songs inspired by nature, with a focus on independent women artists. Presented by Cess Greenness.

Next show: 17/07/2020


Andy Jarvis explores radio and transmission art, following different threads each month

A monthly field recording show looking at places, their wildlife and soundscapes.

Next show: 21/07/2020

Archived audio: 23/06/2020


What is it about music that makes you buzz? In that track you love the most.. what draws you in? What tugs on your heartstrings, makes you dance? This show will discuss just this! Talking about the music itself, what makes the sound of the music appealing to you?

Next show: 16/07/2020


Dave walks about talking music and sounds with special guests each month; interspersed with records chosen by Dave & each months guest.

A monthly discussion exploring and understanding the niche of experimental and electronic music.

Next show: 24/09/2020


ℝℯ∀DiN𝕘 excerpts from The Gates Between {Elizabeth Stuart Phelps} / Before the Thunderstorm {Elena Firsova} / Piano Potpourri: Soliloquy & Rhapsody {Zenobia Powell Perry} / Processional {Faye-Ellen Silverman} / Caprice {Kay Gardner & Mary Watkins} / Five Movements In Color {Mary D. Watkins} / Passacaglia On An Old English Tune {Rebecca Clarke} / Piano Trio: I. Moderato ma appassionato {Rebecca Clarke} / Tableaux de Provence {Paule Maurice} / Many thanks to Project Gutenberg

Next show: 10/08/2020

Archived audio: 09/10/2017 | 06/11/2017 | 04/12/2017 | 01/01/2018 | 30/01/2018 | 26/03/2018 | 23/04/2018 | 21/05/2018 | 21/06/2018 | 16/07/2018 | 13/08/2018 | 10/09/2018 | 23/11/2018 | 31/12/2018 | 28/01/2019 | 25/02/2019 | 25/03/2019 | 22/04/2019 | 20/05/2019 | 18/07/2019 | 12/08/2019 | 23/09/2019 | 17/10/2019 | 24/02/2020


Home-made Sci-Fi Psychedelic Folk Jazz Folklore Groove goodness from across the Globe, from music and sounds recorded yesterday to a hundred years ago.. selected by Otis Jordan.

Next show: 23/07/2020

Archived audio: 25/06/2020



This is CAMP Radio, broadcasting direct from our revolutionary arts facility high in the French Pyrenees. On these airwaves can be found a diverse array of audible pleasures, from drones to poetry, punk to grime, improv to environmental sound. We have regular shows from Wire Magazine, Ashtray Navigations, WANDA GROUP, Bomb Shop, Muyassar Kurdi, Tor Press, Crow Vs Crow, Star Turbine, Golden Lab Recordings, Astral Social Club, EIS HAUS, Sicsic Tapes, Outblinker, Guttersnipe, Was Ist Das? and many more. If you want to get in touch, email us at listen@campfr.com.

CAMP is a next-level residential arts school located in the French Pyrenees, operating catalytic masterclasses run by the world's most celebrated artists, musicians, writers and thinkers such as Gavin Bryars, Laure Prouvost, Chris Watson, Laraaji, Anne Bean, Eli Keszler, Christina Kubisch and many others - see www.campfr.com for more info.